Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Buyers and Sellers
including Investors spend
thousands of dollars each year
in real estate commissions.

Real Estate Buyers and Sellers, Flexit Realty® provides information on How-To sell, buy or invest without spending your money on large commission fees?

This our website will offer many tips and easy to follow real estate transaction methods.  You will also be able to purchase special reports and forms to help you close your real estate deal.

Take your time, this website changes on a regular basis.  You will find something for everyone buying or selling real estate.

Under the navigation categories many drop-down buttons will show you more features and benefits to using the site.  Of course you can always ask a question or leave a comment.

Real estate laws are constantly being updated.  Using a professional to help you market

Real Estate Markets Constantly Change

Understanding how to buy and sell without spending big dollars on commissions.

or purchase can save you thousands of dollars.  Yet with the proper tools you can save even more.  We give you the tools to create a marketing program.  Some options include videos and linking methods.  Free methods to maximize your property selling exposure.

Negotiation methods that help you stay in control.  Investment options that can increase your real estate portfolio at a fraction of the cost without buying foreclosures.

Flexit Realty® offers “Flexible Real Estate solutions”.  Traditional real estate methods are outdated and miss many of the more sophisticated buyers using today’s technology.   Matching selling and buyers to create a sale is easier than you might think, but using the right methods are only revealed to those that understand the shifts in the real estate market.

Many real estate brokers employ real agents as sub-contractors under their broker license.  Yet they rarely know the methods or marketing activity used by their agents.  The reason is simple.  Nearly every sub-contractor agent pays their own expenses.  This means you are relying not on a company name but a sub-contractor agent who is affiliated with an broker/franchise or agency to pay advertising out of pocket gambling on the sale of your real estate property.  They are really gambling on their own skill sets.

Everyone knows, for the most part, real estate agents paid on a commission basis.  Any money they spend comes out of their commissions earned.  According to the National Association of Realtors® the average agent sold less than 8 homes last year.

Do you really think real estate agents are going to spend the money necessary marketing and advertising your home or property correctly out of what little income they make?

Flexit Realty® shows you how to market and buy real estate and save thousands of dollars at the same time.